Wednesday, April 5, 2017

8 Must Do Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Often email marketing conversations can inspire a hasty look at the watch from the listener, or an "oh sorry, i have to be somewhere...." response! But while it is true that the scope of knowledge required is extensive across both technical and marketing aspects, if you equip yourself well and buckle down you will discover fast that email marketing is an essential tool for growing your business.

Don't be a Spammer 

The reality of email marketing is to remain as a legitimate emailer and to be careful to avoid playing the spam game. Spam emailing strategies can do tremendous damage to your business reputation and domain name to be conscious to develop a strong and trustworthy relationship with your users, otherwise there will be little motivation for them to purchase any of your products or services.

Provide Engaging Content

Look to provide unique and incentivising promotions at discount rates that will cut you well above any of the competition and never be afraid to give something extra for free. An incredible offer or snippet of valuable information that is just what your would be subscriber needs is exactly the hook needed for your web traffic to turn into fully blown double opt in subscribers. So think hard about your customers needs, interests, etc and ask yourself, would you want to sign up for this if you were in their place.

Take care that your email marketing materials are consistent with your web presence and company branding. Familiarity is a crucial element in nurturing trust in your brand.

Build Strong Relationships

Although ultimately your email marketing strategy should be centred upon increasing sales and revenue be mindful that long term interaction and retention of clients on your email list will be more profitable than trying to drive a quick sale. For that reason, emails need to be also about provision of useful information, personalised messages and trust building when building your list.

Timing is Everything

Consider the timing of your mailing. Ensure that your campaigns are going out when potential clients are going to receive them. For instance don't send an email out at the weekend if your are trying to generate new business and know that your target openers will not be in front of their computers. Be mindful of different time zones and vacation time frames, as these could be wasted marketing opportunities.

Provide Plenty of Choice

Web users are often people who enjoy making choices and comparisons from one service to another. Give them more options than your rivals when they reach your sign up forms. Try, for instance, allowing them to specify a particular area of interest, or a frequency of receiving email correspondence. This will help garner trust as they will be mindful of receiving spam mail, whereas giving them the option to choose what they receive will make them more likely to join your list. Conversely do not ask for too much personal information. Whilst more can potentially be of value, less can often be more suitable for a client who wishes to remain in control of their personal info.

Build Your Business Presence

A solid company branding presence is essential in all of your marketing correspondences. Make your mailers eye catching and ensure that they get your message across clearly and concisely. Time is of the essence and your clients may have a lot of content to sift through already in the normal working day, so helping them to acknowledge your brand quickly is of the utmost importance.

Optimise Your Campaigns

Optimisation is key for pushing up the small percentages for each of your email campaigns. Check regularly (once a week, monthly) to see in the campaign statistics which emails have the best open rates and click throughs. Those with lowest can be replaced by new ones each time, so you will constantly be looking to increase customer interaction with your site and products.

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